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Technology consultation
Many designers and product developers develop attractive, functionally correct and high-quality products.
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A wide range of manufacturing services
In addition to the manufacture of components using a wide range of processes and the tailored production of entire assemblies, G.W.P. offers robust service for everything having to do with production.
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Web relaunch offers more | 5/01/09
With the redesigning of its website, G.W.P. AG can now satisfy the informational needs of its customers more quickly, with more up-to-date information, and more comprehensively. The relaunch more precisely reflects the broad approach involving numerous processes that is offered by the service provider G.W.P.
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Rapid tooling (RT)
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The lighting industry

The lighting industry is a design-oriented, highly-competitive branch that consists largely of medium-sized companies.

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Gravity diecast aluminum
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Low-pressure diecasting
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