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Thermoforming / Vacuum forming
G.W.P. manufactures plastic components by means of thermoforming for various industrial branches.
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Aluminum housings
We manufacture customer-specific aluminum housings based on drawings in small batches.
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Customers and interested parties
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Plastic extrusion
G.W.P manufactures extruded plastic profiles in small batch sizes for a variety of industrial applications.
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Plastic housings
We manufacture customer-specific plastic housings based on drawings in small batches.
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G.W.P. manufactures customer-specific components and assemblies based on your drawings and specifications. We focus on tooling-intensive manufacturing processes such as die casting and plastic injection molding, and the high-end finishing and processing of components…
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Glass fiber-reinforced plastic parts

G.W.P. manufactures customer-specific glass fiber-reinforced plastic parts according to drawings for industry.

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Our range of services
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