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Industrial electronics
Today, industrial electronics can be found in every sector of industrial control, production and information transfer.
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Sol gel coating
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Medical technology
The medical technology industry is a quickly growing, innovation-driven branch with high development costs, short product life cycles and strict national regulations.
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Housing construction
For us, individuality is the norm
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Mechanical engineering
The machine building industry is one of the most diverse branches of industry with a wide number of special fields.
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Electronics housings
We manufacture customer-specific electronics housings in small batches.
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The lighting industry

The lighting industry is a design-oriented, highly-competitive branch that consists largely of medium-sized companies.

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Our range of services
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The transportation industry and especially the railway vehicle industry are subject to extremely high demands for component reliability due to the extreme physical loads and average 30-years of use.
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Zertifikat für die G.W.P. AG | 01.01.13

Bonität: Bestnote vom renommierten Wirtschaftsinformations-Dienstleister Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) .

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