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2/3/2009 – Aluminum cast iron displaces conventional grey cast iron and cast steel
Aluminum cast iron is increasingly replacing components made of grey cast iron, sintered cast iron or cast steel in many industrial areas. The Berlin manufacturing services provider, G.W.P Manufacturing Services AG, has been observing this trend for a considerable time, particularly in the area of mechanical engineering.
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Cast housings
We manufacture customer-specific cast housings in small batches.
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Cast metal for industry
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Metal housings
We manufacture customer-specific metal housings in small batches.
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Aluminum casting
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5/3/2010 – PROTO DIE – A new method for diecast prototypes

G.W.P. has developed a new die casting method for prototypes in which complex die cast parts can be economically cast under series-like conditions. Genuine diecast pro-totypes in aluminum, zinc or magnesium can now be economically and quickly manu-factured using the PROTO DIE method.

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Our range of services
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Special housings
We produce special housings for extreme applications.
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